North Adriatic countryside

Northern Slovenia

23 month mission to the Adriatic North Mission as member and leader support missionaries.

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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Catching up on the past 11 months

Last fall our Senior Mission Conference was held in Bohinj, Slovenia. We've been back to this part of Slovenia several times!

ANM Senior Conference October 2016 in Bohinj, Slovenia

Leaving Sarajevo, Bosnia we were assigned to Varaždin, Croatia, but only got to stay for 3 months before being assigned to Rijeka, Croatia. Here are a few pictures of events in the Varaždin Branch and some of the surrounding sites.

One of our assignments has been to promote Family History throughout the mission. We have continued to visit different branches and help members register with FamilySearch, enter as much family ancestor information as they can find, and print ordinance cards to take with them on their trips to the temple. We also held "cemetery events" using BillionGraves (see BillionGraves is associated with FamilySearch. We visited the famous Varaždin Cemetery and took many photographs of the gravestones to later be transcribed and indexed.

Stanko Čafuk at Varaždin Family History event

Photographing gravestones for BillionGraves

Just a short walk from our apartment in Varaždin is the Drava River. The land around Varaždin is quite flat and makes walking the city and surrounding countryside very easy.

Swans on the Drava River
Trakošćan Castle, just a short road trip away

Rijeka, Croatia is a port city. The popular beaches and resort areas are north and west on the Istria Peninsula and to the south along the coast and on the islands in the Adriatic Sea. Never-the-less, during the summer teenagers and families flock to the water here.

No one is in the water in January.
Rijeka is NOT flat!  Trsatske stebe, 569 steps from Trsat Castle to Rijeka center.

We celebrated Christmas with our Rijeka District missionaries, Sister Higley, Sister Hall, Elder Evans, and Elder Geertsen.

Sister Higley, Sister Hall, Sister Schlehuber, Elder Evans, and Elder Geertsen
In late February we had a great humanitarian project. We assembled hygiene kits that we delivered to a homeless shelter in Rijeka called Roses of St. Francis.

We assembled over 50 hygiene kits.

Two of our newest members in the Rijeka Branch were able to attend the temple in Bern in early July. In preparation for that they gathered information about their ancestors and entered it in FamilySearch.

Family History in the Rijeka Branch

ANM Senior Conference April 2017 in Zlatibor, Serbia
We occasionally get members who are on vacation who find the Rijeka Branch and attend Sacrament Meeting. A couple of Sundays ago we had 3 families (12 members) traveling together from Germany. They were able to come back for a second Sunday and arranged ahead of time to bring their own provisions to break their fast and shared with the branch that afternoon. Though most of the German visitors spoke excellent English, several took the opportunity to share their testimonies in German. Sister Dunn speaks fluent English and German and does quite well with Croatian. She was very busy translating from German to Croatian as well as from Croatian and German to English.

We had a very enjoyable time with visitors from Germany.

Last week we took a couple of days off with Elder and Sister Randall (the office couple for the ANM) to go to the Julian Alps in the Northwest corner of Slovenia. We drove a narrow road (the highest in Slovenia) with a lot of switch backs to park at a very popular staging area for those who wanted to climb the rest of the way. We just walked out to the tip of what is called the Italian Peninsula.  The second picture is one that I took from the end of the path you can see in the first picture.

With Sister Gayle Randall and Elder Scott Randall
Here is a picture I took at the end of the path you can see in the next picture.

Looking north into Italy
Image taken from a drone, posted by Denis Philippov
Here's the web link where the 360 degree view can be found. Just click and drag on the Google Maps image to look around.  Mangartsko sedlo