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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Spring Senior Couples Conference in Sarajevo

Our last post was at the beginning of 2016 and now here it is the end of June! We have at least been taking pictures but most of our writing and editing has been devoted to preparing pages for local public relations web pages, presentations and newsletters on Self-Reliance and Family History.

Just days after we arrived at our apartment in Sarajevo we were off to our first Senior Couples Conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia. In addition to our other assignments we were tasked with planning the next Senior Couples Conference this May in Sarajevo.  Immediately upon our return to Sarajevo we started looking for possible hotels that could meet our criteria. We found a couple that came close to all the things we were looking for but still didn’t feel good about recommending them. Then in December Sister Schlehuber read an article in the local news about a new hotel that was to open in the new year. We made an appointment to see the hotel even before the rooms were all finished.

The Pino Nature Hotel had everything we needed and the staff were fantastic.

Pino Nature Hotel
The hotel is in a nature preserve area so there isn't any development nearby.  Several kilometers further up the road however are a number of shops, picnic and play areas.

Spring 2016 ANM Conference

Our conference attendees included district presidents & their wives, counselors in the mission presidency & their wives and an area authority and his wife.

1984 Olympic Bobsled Turn
One of the major bobsled turns just half a kilometer from the hotel. Contests are hosted to encourage graffiti artists to do their best work.

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