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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Old Scars, New Sights and Sounds

Around our apartment are reminders of the fighting that took place a couple of decades ago. One such reminder is called the “Sarajevo Rose”. When a mortar hits concrete or asphalt it leaves a pattern that looks like this picture. Locals would paint in the indentations with red paint or resin to remember those lost during the siege. Here’s a concrete scar on the road by our house. And a house on just the other side of the street still bears the scars of small caliber rifle fire.

Sarajevo Rose

Small caliber rifle fire damage to local house

The only explosions that we hear now are the firing of the Ramadan cannon, or midfa al iftar, that announces the breaking of the fast at sunset each day. In our neighborhood each evening, rather than a cannon, we get to see (and hear!) one kind or another of a single fireworks display. We took video of one the other evening.

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