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Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas and some time off to the mountains

We had the missionaries in Sarajevo with us for Christmas.  Our table is barely large enough to accommodate 6 people so we served cafeteria style with the salad, sweet potatoes, asparagus soup, home-made bread and roast all on a counter in the kitchen.  Here's the beautiful table setting Sister Schlehuber prepared along with a decorated table in the living room (with some goodies on it).

The smog has been very bad in the valley so today (our P day) we drove up to the Igman ski area and enjoyed the bright sunshine and blue ski.  We walked all around the area along with a lot of people who had the same idea.

There are however some areas where you DO NOT GO!  There are some areas where authorities are not certain that all the land mines have been cleared ... so we don't wander off the road when signs like this are posted.

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